2021 Wrapped Up in One Article

January 1, 2022

Well, 2021 began as a disaster. While Democrats, the mainstream media, tech giants and radical leftist groups were fervently trying to hijack the 2020 election that President Donald Trump was clearly winning, Trump decided to have one last rally on January 6 to end his first term as POTUS. The peaceful rally ended up in front of the Capitol building with a few agitators getting out of hand. With what was so obviously a Democratic coup to steal the election, some rally-goers made their way into the Capitol building with little resistance to voice their concerns about how devious the election was being handled.

Democrats, with the aid and abetting of the mainstream media, quickly called it an insurrection. Have you ever heard of an insurrection where no weapons are used? This is a tactic long utilized by the media to form opinions in the minds of the uninformed. It happened in the Michael Brown case of 2014 and many others since. Let’s be clear, this was not an insurrection. It was two things: a peaceful rally that got out of hand, and an opportunity for radicalized front groups, and possibly the Fed, to railroad Trump supporters into doing something President Trump had absolutely nothing to do with and bears absolutely no responsibility for.

After the dust had settled, most of the media and Democrats withheld the truth from the public. Short of a year later, the truth is starting to get out. While some things were known, they simply were not widely reported, and what was narrowly reported by the few reputable news outlets and independent journalists were stymied by the bigger press. Things like a Capitol Police officer holding a door open for unassuming rally-goers to enter, or Ray Epps, a man suspected of being either a federal agent or someone disguising himself as a Trump supporter, loudly egging on rally-goers to enter the Capitol building. There is video footage of these events, but have you seen any on mainstream news outlets like CNN or MSNBC? Probably not. This is what we call irresponsible journalism.

The story goes on to include a “January 6 commission” created to investigate the melee that occurred that day. The problem with such a commission is that the powers-that-be, namely House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, kept Congressmen Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Jim Banks (R-IN) from being on that committee. Instead Congresswoman and never-Trumper Liz Cheney (R*-WY) and Congressman Adam Kinsinger (R*-IL) were included on the committee. There are seven Democrats on the committee which makes it unbalanced and unfair with a 7-2 Democrats to Republicans ratio. Why is it unfair, you might ask. Well the House is 221-213 Democrats to Republicans. Does that still sound fair?

On January 20 Joe Biden entered (was installed into) the White House. Now, to be sure, there remains unfinished business as to whether Biden actually won the election. He didn’t but the mainstream media and a biased congress declared it so. So for the past year he (his handlers, that is) have been allowed to run and ruin the country. In that time we have seen an increase in COVID19 deaths (more than when Trump was in office) when he said he would essentially solve the problem. We have seen thousands of Americans’ jobs lost due to his cutting off the Keystone Pipeline resulting in a massive hike in gas prices. We have seen huge spending bills passed and turned into law. We have seen a supply chain shortage with the inability for ships to get cargo to their destinations in a timely fashion. We have seen disaster on our southern border with illegal immigration running rampant and proponents of illegal immigration willfully disregarding the rule of law. We have seen massive inflation affecting just about every market segment in the country. We have seen a discombobulated administration* scramble to make excuses for all the problems it’s caused and in the end straight out lie about it saying that everything is fine and going well.

This, of course is not even the half of it. We have also seen law enforcement attacked and not supported by this administration*. Recently Minneapolis Police Officer Kim Potter was convicted of manslaughter when she accidently shot a criminal with her firearm instead of her taser. The 20-year old criminal Daunte Wright was attempting to evade in a vehicle while another officer was reaching in the car trying to disable it. The jury sided with the criminal instead of law enforcement. Another Minneapolis police officer Derrick Chauvin also was convicted earlier this year for the death of criminal George Floyd. Although he was detaining the criminal by pressing his knee/shin on his neck, it didn’t cause Floyd’s death and doesn’t rise to the level of murder, which a biased prosecution claimed. Floyd was intoxicated with several drugs in his body including Fentanyl, methamphetamine and more as the autopsy report showed. Police bodycam footage of the incident shows Floyd resisting while officers pleaded with him to comply. Moral of both of these stories: Compliance Saves Lives.

There’s more. There has been an effort from the left, Black Lives Matter, liberal academia and other radicals to push Critical Race Theory, transgenderism and mask mandates on impressionable children in the government school system (public schools). When parents caught wind of this they rightfully blew a fuse. This resulted in them packing school board meetings and fervently addressing their concerns about this racist agenda that is being covertly foisted upon their children. One of the parents who attended a meeting was the father of a young girl who had been raped by a “transgendered” boy at her school. Instead of prosecuting the deviant boy, he was transferred to another school where he committed the same crime with another girl. The father was reasonably upset, so upset that security intervened. Presumably feeling threatened, the National School Board Association drafted a letter to the U.S. Attorney General* Merrick Garland, who then drafted his own memo alluding to the National Security Division becoming involved, which found himself in front of a House committee squirming from the questions asked by Representatives Jim Jordan, Tim Cotton and others.

It’s been an interesting and disastrous year and 2022 promises to get even more interesting as the midterm elections draw closer. Democrats know they’ve done so many things wrong but their response seems to be to double down. It remains to be seen how they’ll strategize politically. Either way, at this point it doesn’t look good for them.

Tom Folden is a political strategist, conservative thinker, and Editor of CommonSenseDictates.com, a website for common sense viewpoints. A human rights activist, he is a firm believer in the Constitution and the rule of law. He is also a singer/songwriter and recording artist. For interviews and/or appearances, please contact him at spencergroup@hotmail.com.

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