Ferguson is Ablaze While the Mainstream Media Fan the Flames

A decision has finally been reached in the Michael Brown case where an 18-year-old black male was shot by Darren Wilson, a white Ferguson, Missouri police officer. At a press conference held Monday night, November 24, 2014, the evidence, both physical and testimonial, was carefully and explicitly laid out by St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McColloch, clearly showing the facts of the case. Based on those facts there was no probable cause to indict Officer Darren Wilson. As could have been predicted several months ago, the result of a grand jury investigation was that this was a justifiable shooting death.

Not according to the mainstream media and race agitators, of course, who are ready to swarm on any situation that involves race.

Prior to laying out the facts of the case, McColloch had essentially chastised the media for hastily reporting what were not facts, but merely what “witnesses” conveyed they heard on the streets and in the area.

After the prosecutor had finished announcing the findings of the investigation, he took questions. The room was filled with overzealous reporters and journalists who willfully ignored the facts and insinuated that the officer was wrong, negligent, or worse, racist, in the shooting death of Brown, whom they describe as “unarmed” when in fact he was armed with his fists. By the questions they asked it was like they had heard a completely different story of what happened. That’s because many of them have conditioned themselves to believe what didn’t happen.

Protesters also refuse to accept the facts of the case. Their minds are set. To them there is no justice. They want their own form of justice: rioting, vandalizing and looting their own community. Well, they should have to suffer the consequences of their actions and live in that downgraded community they created for themselves. To not see what is so obvious is to their detriment because they’ll never dig themselves out of a hole with so much anger, hatred, and resentment weighing them down.

Not surprisingly, there have been demonstrations and protests in other major cities around the country. Those protesters are just as angry, hateful and resentful of what they mistakenly perceive as racial injustice. Some people seem so eager to join the crowd and adopt the mob mentality that a statement needs to be made through violence, arson and thievery. To be fair, not all protesters are rioting, vandalizing and looting. Many are peaceful, however misguided.

The Brown family issued a statement immediately following the announcement that they are profoundly disappointed with the decision. That’s understandable. Most people would sympathize with any parent who loses a son or daughter. I sympathize, as well. It’s unfortunate, however, that their disappointment is directed toward what they perceive as an unjust system in Ferguson, not accepting that their son committed crimes which led to his own death.

From the onset of this whole ordeal, race hustler Al Sharpton and race card player Attorney General Eric Holder injected themselves into the situation, arousing the emotions of not only residents of Ferguson, but the country as well. That’s what they do best.

Barack Obama was also vocal about the incident at the beginning and the end of the investigation. Addressing the nation last night he echoed calls to protest peacefully, encouraged a discussion about the issue of race and asserted that there are real circumstances where black people feel discriminated. It is past time to have a discussion, a civil one, about race. Unfortunately, based on his deliberate effort to racially divide the country, Obama is the last one to head that discussion.


What led Michael Brown to attack and assault Officer Wilson, I presume, is the problem he had with authority. I suspect that this young man had several altercations, verbal or otherwise, with law enforcement officers in the past. Maybe it all boiled up at that moment when he became enraged and forced Officer Wilson to act and defend himself. Clearly this was an incident in which Officer Wilson couldn’t disengage.

Isn’t there a reporter with enough courage to report the facts, that this incident is due to the bad behavior of a six-foot four, close to 300 lb., young man who had just terrorized a convenience storekeeper after helping himself to a handful of cigars, and then attacked and assaulted a police officer who was doing his job according to policy?

It’s time for people to wake up and accept that what happened is not that a white police officer shot an unarmed black teen for absolutely no reason, but that a teen criminal attacked a police officer, causing the officer to go on the alert and defend himself.

The protestors (many of them, anyway) – they don’t want justice, they want revenge.

The so-called reporters and journalists – they don’t want to believe anything other than what fits their narrative.

For the parents and family of Michael Brown, I hope they are able to find peace and comfort. I hope they will eventually see things for what they really are, not how the usual race dividers want them to be seen.

So-called civil rights leader Al Sharpton, Eric Holder and others fueled the fire of racial hatred and division while a complicit mainstream media fanned the flames. And now Ferguson is ablaze. Let’s hope sanity prevails.