Obama and Holder Miss Opportunity to Educate Country on Racism

Not that I think they can educate the country on anything substantial to America, much less the issue of racism, but President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have missed an opportunity to set the country straight on what is right and what is wrong as regards the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial. Since they have rejected what is right for America for years, and continually do what is wrong, why should anyone expect them to be able to educate the country?

Shortly after this story broke, President Obama injected race into it by stating that if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon. Not only is it unbecoming of a U.S. president to take a position on an issue the country is divided on, it is clearly not his role to form opinions and announce them via his bully pulpit. In fact, it is unethical.

As America’s top attorney and a key player in the Obama administration, Holder’s advice to America should be to accept the jury’s decision. Instead of expressing his personal disdain for the verdict, he should explain that George Zimmerman received a fair trial and was found not guilty. Further, he should reject the notion that this case was about race. By not doing so and not making certain facts clear, he helps divide this country when it so desperately needs to unite.

Also complicit in persuading the country to see things Obama’s and Holder’s way are the mainstream media (MSM). They have continually reported this case as if the reason Trayvon was shot was because he was black, when there was absolutely no evidence of that being a motive. Since they had no such evidence, NBC went so far as to edit an audio clip of a phone call Zimmerman made to police so people would believe their false narrative that racial profiling was involved.

Because the MSM have a captive audience that believes hook, line and sinker every word their news outlets “report,” much of the country get biased and mis-information. The Zimmerman case did not fall into the category the MSM wanted it to, so it did what it does best: slant the story.

Race-baiter and false accuser Al Sharpton, always ready to exploit a grievance, also put himself in the middle of this controversial story and, not surprisingly, played the race card. He has made a career of assigning race as a reason for his community’s woes. Most notably, he accused the NYPD of raping Tawana Brawley, a young teen at the time. The case was a total fraud, yet Sharpton remains free to roam the airwaves and spew his hatred toward white America.


Anyone who bothered to follow the Zimmerman case and view the courtroom proceedings was able to see the prosecution fail miserably to make a case for racism being a motive for Trayvon’s death. Rather, they saw evidence that showed George Zimmerman being an assertive neighborhood watchman trying to keep an eye on a suspicious looking person who was walking through the neighborhood in the rain. They also saw evidence that showed Trayvon as the aggressor who instigated a physical fight which he initially got the better of by punching and slamming Zimmerman’s head onto the pavement. Pictures of Zimmerman’s broken, bloodied nose and lacerated head were entered as evidence.

Unfortunately, many people didn’t bother to follow the case, view courtroom proceedings or make sense of the evidence which clearly showed Zimmerman acting in self-defense. Instead they saw pictures of a sweet-looking 13-year old Trayvon Martin, and with the help of the MSM, developed the opinion that a black “unarmed child” was shot by an evil “white-Hispanic,” whatever that is. So when the jury went into deliberations and came back with a Not Guilty verdict, many people were outraged.


In the wake of the Zimmerman Not Guilty verdict, the cries of racism can be heard all across the country as non-reasonable and irrational people take to the streets to protest and riot. These people have willfully ignored the facts of the case, some in order to satiate their desire to fuel hatred for a perceived wrong-doing. Some have even bottled up their angst for several years and now is the perfect time for them to let it all out.

And again, Holder and Sharpton are there fanning the flames of racism. This case had nothing to do with race until Obama, Holder, Sharpton and the MSM injected race into it. Yes, the MSM attempted to frame it as white against black, giving the usual suspects an opportunity to sell race as a motivating factor, ultimately to drive sympathizers to the Democrat party. These are the tactics of the left: Get them mad and tell them you’re on their side.


When a white person, truly motivated by race, shoots and kills a black person, I’ll be the first to stand side-by-side with blacks and others and fight for justice. But it’s real racism I’ll fight against, not perceived racism. Obama, Holder, Sharpton, the MSM and others used race to manipulate people and stir up their emotions, and in the process missed a real opportunity.