About RightWingWriter.com

about picRightWingWriter.com was founded by Tom Folden in November 2013 (formerly VOICERIGHT.org, which was established in November 2012) as an alternative media outlet to serve the interests of those who have grown distrustful of the mainstream media. Although the term “right wing” carries a negative connotation among the left and mainstream media, it is something I’ve come to accept, embrace and feel unapologetic for.

As founder and editor of rightwingwriter.com, I am a proud American, unapologetic patriot and one of the first TEA party activists. I had the distinct privilege of attending one of the very first TEA Party rallies on Tax Day April 15, 2009, a few months after Barack Obama and company began destroying America. It was there that I was inspired hearing Andrew Breitbart speak truth like I had never heard before. I felt a certain kinship with him because I, too, have worked in the Hollywood industry and seen firsthand the Hollywood elite’s derision of what America stands for. So it was refreshing to hear him speak and convey to the crowd what I already knew to be true.

In addition to being a writer, I am a musician, singer/songwriter and entertainer. In the last several years I have written songs with a pro-America attitude. You can view a video of one here: http://www.popmodal.com/video/15356/Hope-and-Change–A-2012-Election-Song.

For all intents and purposes, rightwingwriter.com is a blog to publish articles and blogposts on current topics and important issues that matter to most thinking individuals. Most articles will be written by the editor and founder. Others will be written by contributing authors.

Please visit this site as often as you like and feel free to comment on the articles and blogposts. Also, if you have questions, suggestions or other comments, please feel free to use the Contact Us page. Enjoy the site.