I Told You So

About five years ago in 2008 I created a blog called The Reformer. In November of that year I wrote an article called “Congratulations to Barack Hussein Obama – I reserve the right to say I told you so.” Much of the country was celebrating Obama being elected president of the United States. I wasn’t celebrating. Instead, I contemplated what the nation was in for with someone who had absolutely no experience in an executive role. Let’s remember, then Senator Obama spent just two years in the US Congress before spending the remainder of his term campaigning for a position he had absolutely no business going after. Prior to being a US senator, he became a state senator in Illinois by digging up dirt from his opponents’ pasts and disparaging them.

Below is the copy from that article from four years ago.


Well, I thought it might come to this. An historic moment in this nation’s history is upon us. I know, it sounds redundant. So what, it’s a blog. Anyway, congratulations to Barack Hussein Obama, America’s new president-elect. Funny how “president-elect” gets so much notoriety this time around.

So he’s been picking his cabinet now for the past week or so and as I satirically predicted in another Reformer issue, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is up for Secretary of State. Could anything be more absurd? He’s also picked former Clinton administration employee Rahm Emanuel as Chief-of-Staff, and is considering other former Clintonistas for super high government positions. Seems he’s already reneging on his campaign promise of change. No change in a Clintonian administration, that’s for sure.

President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush couldn’t have been more kind, generous and hospitable in showing the soon-to-be president and his wife their new digs. Remember, Obama railed against Bush for his “failed policies” and for taking us into an “unnecessary war” before and during his presidential campaign. Yes, Bush has failed in some things like solving the illegal immigration mess, considering handing over port security to a middle-eastern country, and spending like a drunken sailor. But the war on terror is by no means unnecessary. No matter. Bush is above it, although it must have been pretty awkward for Obama having to be polite and respectful in the White House with a man he blatantly abhors.

One gets the sense that it’s more about vitriol for our country’s current president than it is about being excited about a new president-elect, one who is severely unqualified to hold the highest position in the country, much less the most powerful position in the world. But we’ll have to wait and see what the future holds in a BHO administration. At any rate, I reserve the right to say “I told you so.”


After increasing our national debt by several trillion dollars in one term, more than what President George W. Bush increased it by in his two terms; passing the infamous “Obamacare,” which is not by any measure “affordable,” as its official title implies; and further ruining our reputation with other countries (specifically our allies) we once had trusted relationships with, what else can I say?

I told you so.