The Need to Crack Down on Sanctuary Cities

Recently a 14-year old female student was allegedly raped by two young men in the boy’s bathroom at Rockville High School in the apparent sanctuary city of Rockville, Maryland. The male students were 17 and 18-year old freshmen, the latter an illegal alien. Why were these older boys in a freshman class with 14-year olds? More to the point, why was this illegal alien in school, taking precious resources from American citizens?

In 2015, Kate Steinle was murdered by an illegal alien in San Francisco, a sanctuary city with defiant public officials refusing to cooperate with federal authority. The offender in the Steinle case was previously deported five times but residing in a well-known sanctuary city. These cases highlight the need to take appropriate action against all sanctuary cities because these offenses happen all too often.

President Trump’s and Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ crackdown on sanctuary cities, via an executive order issued in January, has caused an unwarranted uproar among liberals, illegal aliens and their sympathizers. Any thinking person knows that taking certain precautions is necessary in order to keep Americans safe. However, some are trying to make the ridiculous case that building a wall, securing our borders, and cracking down on sanctuary cities does nothing to keep us safe. Those who would make that argument are either brain dead or are on the side of lawlessness. There’s no other way to explain it. Logic defies their rationale.

It is especially infuriating to see so many people ignorant to the fact that illegal aliens are invading our country and causing a negative effect on our economy, society and culture. It’s not just the crime they bring in, although that is a major concern. It is also the financial strain put upon our welfare and social support systems, our roads and highways, our schools, our clinics, emergency rooms and hospitals, and so much more. These services are in place in order to take care of our own citizens, those who actually pay taxes. Illegals who come in and take advantage of our services are stealing from the American taxpayers. We all should be outraged that this is happening but somehow liberal politicians and the mainstream media have managed to control the thoughts and silence the voices of those who are actually affected by this.

The idea that opening our borders, letting in millions of undocumented individuals intent on making a new home for themselves and their families in a land with a culture that is not their own without going through the proper channels, completing the necessary documentation and learning the language and customs of our country is somehow an act of fairness is just mind boggling and indeed another example of oppositism.


Tom Folden is a political strategist, conservative thinker, and Editor of, a website for conservative viewpoints. A human rights activist, he is a firm believer in the Constitution and the rule of law. He is also a singer/songwriter and recording artist. For interviews and/or appearances, please contact him at

GOP Should Learn From Past Mistakes of Obamacare

In 2010, with control of the House, Senate and presidency, former President Barack Obama and Democrats pushed through the misnomered “Affordable Care Act” on the sly. With no support from Republicans, Americans were aghast at the dirty political game Democrats played. Little or no discussion was allowed on debatably the worst bill in American history.

To most people’s astonishment, Nancy Pelosi stated that we must pass the bill to find out what’s in it. Needless to say, this angered the right. Can you imagine if people lived their lives the way Pelosi proscribed? Can you imagine going into a restaurant, seeing an item on the menu with no description and the waiter says, “You have to order it to find out what’s in it?”

Obama himself promised that Obamacare would allow Americans to keep their doctors if they liked their doctors, keep their current plans if they liked their current plans, and that costs would drop $2,500 per year for the average family. All these promises were broken and costs actually rose.

Americans elected Donald Trump because he promised to repeal and replace Obamacare. Repealing it is the right thing to do but why replace it? Government has no business in healthcare. We are not a communist or socialist society, thank God.

Healthcare should be between a doctor and his/her patients and contrary to the opinions of most on the left, healthcare is not a “right.” People should have the right to access healthcare if they can pay for it themselves, but the wealthiest Americans shouldn’t be forced to pay for the healthcare of others the way Obamacare mandated. Certainly, no one should be obligated to purchase healthcare as Obamacare also mandated.

With the new American Health Care Act bill, which is slated to be voted on today, we still don’t know what’s in it. Americans haven’t been privy to all the details of this bill and able to mull it over for themselves. The GOP would be wise not to make the same mistakes the left made in passing Obamacare. There should be a thorough analysis and open discussion about the pros and cons of this new bill and the public should be able to weigh in, after all it affects them.

Passing Obamacare in the middle of the night was deceptive, conniving and a politically rotten thing to do. We expect that from the left, but the right needs to take the higher road where this bill is concerned. Since I haven’t seen the bill or heard much about it, my gut tells me this isn’t the best we can do. This bill may be terrific, amazing and phenomenal, but let’s find out first.


Tom Folden is a political strategist, conservative thinker, and Editor of, a website for conservative viewpoints. A Tea Party original, he is a firm believer in the Constitution and the rule of law. He is also a singer/songwriter and recording artist. For interviews and/or appearances, please contact him at

A Day Without a Woman or A Day Without a Liberal Woman?

The day after President Trump’s inauguration, women held a march and rallied to oppose Trump and demand equal rights. And when Trump made his first congressional address recently, many Democrat women wore white or off-white to raise awareness of women’s suffrage issues. I’m still scratching my head trying to figure out what equal rights and suffrage issues they’re referring to. Then, on Wednesday March 8, 2017, when most responsible people were working, some privileged and disgruntled women were taking the day off in what was called “A Day Without a Woman,” a la “A Day Without an Immigrant.” Most men, I presume, welcomed the idea of a day without women, their significant women, that is. Man caves across the country could then turn into the centers for manly entertainment they’re meant to be.

Seriously, though, the [A] Day Without A Woman event and others are such insults to humanity. From a liberal perspective they fail to celebrate diversity in a country where diversity is hailed as one of the cornerstones of a tolerant society. But I understand the point.

Equality, or specifically equal rights for women, was one of the focal points of the event. It turns out, though, that there’s nothing equal about shunning men who typically accommodate women in the workplace, at home and in society in general. From a layman perspective, or to be equal, a laywoman, things work out better when both men and women share the responsibilities of life. Each has his and her respective roles to follow and as long as each is carried out accordingly things unfold pretty smoothly, for the most part.

But liberals are resistant to roles. They now prefer to redefine them or consider them useless and antiquated. To most liberals gender is a social construct where boys (those born with penises) are allowed to identify as girls (those born with vaginas). So twisted has this idea become that some states have passed laws forcing the acceptance of boys using girls’ restrooms and vice-versa. It’s truly delusional and surreal.

Back to the women who want to prove a point about how unequal they feel. One of their claims is that women are victims of a wage gap. Is there really a wage gap between the sexes? If there is it’s not significant. The liberal media routinely cite studies (which often compare apples to oranges) that women are paid 77 cents to every dollar a man makes. Not true, but they don’t and won’t clarify the fact that many women choose careers that pay less than the careers men choose; that they take time off work to have children and raise families; and that they typically do not work longer hours since they need to leave to take care of their families. In those cases, of course there is a wage gap, as well there should be.

Another complaint women have is that there are fewer women in managerial and executive positions. This is a myth that hardly anyone disputes, but I will. In three of my last four jobs in advertising and public relations most of my bosses were women. In two of those jobs, women actually owned the company. In another, my four immediate bosses were women. I’ve been hired by women and fired by women. It’s plainly dishonest and irresponsible to report the same, tired talking points without disclosing the facts of why there appears to be inequality. Not everything is as it seems.

When is it going to stop? Will there be a day without a (fill in the blank) every time someone who fits that category feels bad about some perceived injustice? Oh my goodness. I thought the college kids and millennials were snowflakes. I guess some adults are also.


Tom Folden is a political strategist, conservative thinker, and Editor of, a website for conservative viewpoints. A Tea Party original, he is a firm believer in the Constitution and the rule of law. He is also a singer/songwriter and recording artist. For interviews and/or appearances, please contact him at

Trump Says What Needs To Be Said

In a conspicuous departure from the behavior commonly expected from the nation’s top leader, President Donald Trump has used his pulpit, platform and position responsibly. He has been saying what has long needed to be said. Moreover, he has conveyed what many Americans have felt but haven’t had a voice to say to a national audience. His presidency so far has been one of keeping promises to the American people.

When he gave a press conference last week and utterly lambasted the mainstream media (MSM), calling them out on their dishonesty and willful misreporting, it was the exact medicine they needed to swallow and it was more than obvious they weren’t ready for it. Refreshingly, Trump showed he is definitely not one to be underestimated.

Blinded by being on the left, the MSM jumps at any chance to delegitimize Trump, put him down, deliberately misreport on him and find the slightest thing they can to cast him in a negative light, all while ignoring the facts. Which is why Trump’s war with the MSM is a war that desperately needed to be waged – and it’s obviously clear that he’s winning.

In his speech to Congress last night he addressed issues that are important to most Americans like repealing Obamacare and providing healthcare; illegal immigration and securing our borders; dismantling the network of cartels in our country; eliminating ISIS and radical Islamic terrorists; poverty, welfare and unemployment; and rebuilding the military. It was one of the most inspiring speeches in American history.

That didn’t stop Democrats from being disrespectful as they took the opportunity to audibly naysay his points instead of finding the positivity in them. Many female Democratic senators and congresswomen wore white or off-white in a show of solidarity toward the issue of women’s suffrage, as if that is actually an issue. To be clear, there is no war on women in America. That is just another ploy the left uses to divide Americans and play them for their votes.

Because the left has successfully indoctrinated much of America, Trump’s opponents are opponents merely for the sake of being cool, thereby being accepted. Take Hollywood liberals, for instance. To them it’s cool to hate Trump and to be on the left, not knowing why, not taking the time to give serious thought to their own beliefs and values. They look like idiots, however, as they have not one fact to form a solid argument.

Now is the time for real change and gradually there may be a shift. Is it possible people will wake up, see the positive things getting done and be forced to accept that Trump’s policies and actions have helped the country, unlike Obama’s which only attempted to deconstruct the nation?

I believe in time America will unite, most of us anyway. Republicans and Democrats, the right and the left, regardless of ethnicity, race or color, can all find common ground as we support each other’s successes.

President Trump is seen as a populist president, to the chagrin of many conservatives. He says what’s on his mind and on the minds of many Americans as well. But his bombastic remarks and his sometimes buffoonish antics have taken a back seat to communicating real ideas and solutions to America’s problems. Maybe a populist president is what America needs right now in order to unite us.


Tom Folden is a political strategist, conservative thinker, and Editor of, a website for conservative viewpoints. A Tea Party original, he is a firm believer in the Constitution and the rule of law. He is also a singer/songwriter and recording artist. For interviews and/or appearances, please contact him at