Lying to the American People

In just about any speech President Obama gives, he lies and speaks in opposites. By that I mean he says things that are the exact opposite of what they really are. Take, for instance, the speech he delivered from the White House South Court Auditorium on September 16, 2013, just minutes after the Navy Yard shooting in the same city.

As Republicans steadily gain traction toward defunding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, better known as “Obamacare,” Obama found it necessary to counter this effort by ripping into the GOP. His objective was to refocus the attention away from the truth and toward falsehoods that his constituents, the low information voters, will easily buy into.

By framing healthcare in America as a “crisis,” the left can easily mislead people onto its side of the issue. The Clintons did this in their administration in the ‘90s by creating a “healthcare crisis.” Most Americans knew that there really was no such thing, but the left used this myth to mislead the rest of America into buying into this story so that the Clinton administration could create another massive bureaucracy they could control.

Today we actually do have a healthcare crisis, but it’s not because so many millions of Americans don’t have healthcare or healthcare insurance. It’s because Obama and the left have created one by pushing and passing Obamacare. The real crisis is that the quality of healthcare is going to suffer because of this awful piece of legislation. And costs will rise as a result.

The left has managed to convince many Americans that they have a “right” to healthcare when this is simply absurd. Certainly we have a right to purchase healthcare insurance, but the government doesn’t have a right to force us to purchase healthcare insurance, as is mandated by Obamacare. It would be nice to have it but we don’t live in a utopia the left is trying to create, nor will we ever.

But that doesn’t stop Obama from trying to push it on us, as he has done since the onset of his administration. In his address to the nation on Monday, he pulled no punches and attacked those who know better about the effect Obamacare will have on the economy. He claimed “one party” (the GOP) promises economic chaos by not funding Obamacare. Yes, Mr. President, that is exactly what it will do. In fact, it already has. Just look at all the major corporations that have decided to cut down their employees’ hours because of it.

He speaks as if Obamacare is going to cure all of America’s economic woes.

“A lot of the, uh, horror stories that were predicted about how this was gonna [sic] shoot rates way up and there were gonna [sic] be death panels, and all that stuff,” he says, “none of that stuff happened. And there’s no evidence that the law, which has helped keep costs down to their lowest figures, is holding back economic growth.”

I would advise Obama, and the rest of the country to read the law. It actually does call for a panel to determine whether a patient can receive a certain treatment, which could in fact be life-saving. I call that a death panel.

As far as the law keeping costs down, I would remind him that the bill was originally estimated to cost around $800 billion. The CBO currently estimates that it will cost $1.8 trillion, a far cry from its original figure.

He makes the claim that no “serious economist” would say that repealing Obamacare is the number one thing that must be done to boost economic growth. Serious economists think that Obamacare is a good thing for the economy? I would beg to differ. I don’t think he understands what a serious economist is or how one thinks.

Obama also says he is “more than willing to work with Republicans, where they have specific suggestions, to make our health care system work better.” Again, he is the one who has been unwilling to budge. Republicans have put out plans to do this. Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) have been a viable option for years, but since it is not a Democrat idea, and it doesn’t expand government, Obama and the left will hear nothing of it.

“After all the work in the past five years” that his team has “put into Obamacare,” he continues, “are some of these folks so beholden to one extreme wing of their party that they’re willing to tank the entire economy just because they can’t get their way on this issue? Are they really willing to hurt people just to score political points?”

For you Mr. Obama, yes they are. They, too, have been blinded and brainwashed by you and the ignorant, short-sided ideas of your party and your quest for a utopian society.

“I will not negotiate over the full faith and credit of the United States,” he chides. “This country has worked too hard for too long to dig out of a crisis just to see the Representatives here in Washington purposely cause another crisis.”

Wait a minute, Mr. President. Your pal Rahm Emmanuel welcomes crises. He suggested to not let one go to waste.

Continuing to blame Republicans, he lectures, “Let’s stop the threats, stop the political posturing, let’s keep the government open, let’s pay our bills on time, let’s pass a budget, let’s work together to do what the American people sent us here to do: create jobs, grow our economy, expand opportunity. That’s what we need to do.”

What a noble idea. If only Democrats were inclined to take his advice. Republicans want to keep the government open. They just want to shut down Obamacare, which is a good thing. Obamacare stifles the creation of jobs, the growth of our economy and the expansion of opportunity. Additionally, Republicans were sent to Congress to repeal Obamacare.

“It’s time for responsible Republicans who share these goals,” Obama continues, “and there are a number of folks out there who I think, uh, are decent folks, I’ve got some disagreements with them on some issues, but who genuinely want to see the economy grow and want what’s best for the American people, it’s time for those Republicans to stand up and they gotta [sic] decide what they want to prioritize.”

Talk about a run-on sentence. And talk about political posturing, what he earlier scolded Republicans for. This is how Obama operates. It’s important to understand this. The way he delivers a speech is designed toward demeaning his opposition and deceiving the public who don’t know better (i.e. the low information voters). By speaking to them and saying things that aren’t true, that he knows they’ll believe, he deliberately lies to the American people.

The Case for Implementing a Voter Identification Law

There’s nothing controversial or racist about implementing a voter identification law. It’s a necessary safeguard and a precaution to ensure that only United States citizens who are registered to vote get to vote. Does that sound unfair? Of course it doesn’t. It’s perfectly reasonable, rational and sensible. Anyone not in favor of having a voter ID law in place is not in favor of fairness.

Given the massive amount of voter fraud that is prevalent in America today, it is easily understandable that there should be measures that protect the integrity of the voting process. In fact, I would take it a step further and endorse a voter test as a requirement for eligibility to vote.  But instead of getting too ambitious, I’ll settle for just a voter ID law.

The voter ID law should state that anyone who wishes to take part in the voting process must possess and present a valid voter photo identification card in order to cast a vote. When the voter photo ID card is presented, it would be scanned for authenticity.

The necessary components of a voter ID law would include setting up a voter ID database which keeps a record of all eligible voters who are registered. Another component of the law would be the actual card. It would need to be designed so that it can interface with the database. In order to receive a voter photo ID card, a person must have proof of citizenship, a birth certificate, a valid social security card and other verifiable identification (i.e. driver’s license, state ID card, etc.).

The system would be able to recognize a social security number and tell if it is valid. So if someone with an invalid social security card attempts to secure a voter photo ID card, the system would reject it. That person would then need to be investigated and/or arrested for possessing an invalid SS card. This would prevent illegal aliens and felons from receiving a voter photo ID card. If a voter photo ID cardholder becomes a felon, that person’s status would be updated in the voter database system.

Proposing the implementation of a voter ID law has inevitably attracted opposition from the likes of the Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons of the world to the mainstream media, who are all on the left of the political spectrum. They all want us to buy into the notion that voter ID laws are racist. Would someone please explain to me how a voter ID law is racist? The law wouldn’t say that minority voters are not allowed to vote. It would merely ensure that those who are legally eligible to vote get to vote and those who are not legally eligible to vote do not get to vote. Again, what is racist about that? The aim is to bring integrity back to our voting process.

One complaint among opponents is that a voter ID law will impact minority voters and that, therefore, is racist. Again, how is this racist? Minority voters will have every opportunity to receive a voter photo ID card if they are, in fact, eligible to receive one. A photo identification card is required to fly, get into nightclubs, purchase liquor and more. How on earth is it unfair to require one to vote? This argument is weak at best. Because Republicans and those on the right champion this law, the left will come up with any excuse, however inane, to thwart common sense.

Much has been documented regarding voter fraud in this country, from illegal aliens casting votes to actual U.S. citizens casting multiple votes, often using the names of deceased persons. Why would anyone oppose such a measure that would bring an end to this kind of corruption? Anyone who would oppose such a measure surely must want the corruption to continue. I submit this is the very way that Obama was re-elected.

Implementing a voter ID law is in the interest of fairness and integrity. If we can put such a system in place, America could be closer toward becoming the country it was meant to be.