Dispelling the Myths of a Confused Congresswoman

U.S. House Representative Loretta Sanchez (D, CA) has got it all wrong. In a speech on the House floor recently, she made some ridiculous claims, each of which can be easily refuted. Speaking about a bill that Republicans have put forth on “immigration reform,” she twists the truth, confuses the issues and replaces America’s values with her own.

In this video clip, one can see how blatantly dishonest she is.

Here is some clarification on some points Rep. Sanchez tried to make that she perhaps should consider:

  1. Ronald Reagan later regretted granting amnesty to three million illegal aliens, an amnesty granted on condition of securing the border, a promise her party never made good on.
  2. If the House of Representatives has such a bill, it is not as Ms. Sanchez describes it.
  3. A message of “Deport, Deport, Deport” is a good one. Deporting those who are here illegally is what the federal government is required by law to do.
  4. Children coming here seeking refuge from extreme violence is more the exception than the rule.
  5. Mothers need not fear leaving their children when being deported. Their children can be deported with them.
  6. The notion that young children (of illegal aliens) have pledged allegiance only to one flag, our flag, is a lie and Ms. Sanchez knows it, unless by “our flag” she means the Mexican flag.
  7. If this House bill she talks about is a “secure only” and “NO to Dreamers” supplemental bill, as she claims, that is a good thing. Securing our border is the necessary first step in addressing our “broken immigration system.” Democrats don’t want a secure border, but we must have one for the sake of national security and our nation’s sovereignty. Providing blanket amnesty for all illegal aliens, on the other hand, weakens our nation and breaks down the very fundamentals a strong nation needs to survive.
  8. The core message of our country is NOT “give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” That is an inscription on the Statue of Liberty, which the French gave us as a gift. I suspect Ms. Sanchez is preaching to the uninformed, hoping to indoctrinate them in an effort to secure future votes.

What Rep. Sanchez says and how she says it is repulsive. She has taken her opinion and attempted to make it common national fact. This is who we have representing us in Congress? She’s not representing us. She’s representing illegal aliens.