Abortion is Not a Fundamental Right, It’s a Fundamental Wrong

June 24, 2022

Today the United States Supreme Court handed down a decision regarding Roe vs. Wade, essentially overturning the flawed “law of the land,” which originally was passed on January 22, 1973, and did what was constitutionally correct by leaving it up to individual states to decide whether or not to allow women to murder living babies inside their wombs.

Unhinged House Speaker Nancy Pelosi went on a post-decision tirade saying that the “radical Supreme Court” is “eviscerating Americans’ rights and endangering their health and safety.” No, Nancy, an abortion endangers the health and safety of an unborn baby as well as the mother of that baby. She went on to refer to abortion as “health freedom” and “family planning.” Abortion is anything but family planning.

Struggling to put a coherent sentence together, Pelosi stated that “the hypocrisy is raging but the harm is endless. What this means to women is such an insult. It’s a slap in the face to women about using their own judgment, to make their own decisions about their reproductive freedom.”

We are all free to do whatever we want, it just doesn’t make it right. This is lost on her, though. Just because she wants something to be true doesn’t make it so. But that’s the unnatural thought pattern of the left.

Regime Spokesperson Joe Biden chimed in saying that the Supreme Court took away a constitutional right. Reading, from a giant teleprompter, words obviously written by someone else, he referred to abortion as a “fundamental right.” It is not, nor has it ever been, a fundamental right, but rather it is a fundamental wrong. Our rights don’t come from the Supreme Court, much less the government. They come from God. Pelosi and Biden should understand this since they both claim to be practicing Catholics. But their position on this very subject is why they have both been rejected from taking Communion, a Catholic ritual and a Christian sacrament.

Biden made the point that women are now going to be penalized by not being allowed to have abortions. Women, he says, who have been raped or have been impregnated by incest will now have to bear the babies of their rapists. Although pregnancies by rape and incest are very extreme, they also are very rare. This is not a common thing. Most women who have abortions have them because they view their pregnancy as an inconvenience. They don’t want their current lifestyle disrupted by a pregnancy, then by having to raise a child.

It’s pretty sad, however, that the United States, for some moronic reason, gives the organization Planned Parenthood a half billion of our tax dollars. While it claims to provide health services for women, you know services like mammograms, birth control, physicals and check-ups, what it primarily provides are abortions. Women’s health services are commonly provided by primary care physicians and general medical practitioners and included in most HMO or PPO plans, so why is there a need for Planned Parenthood if what it mostly does is provide women’s health services? Let’s face it, abortion is not a woman’s health service and Planned Parenthood is not primarily focused on a woman’s health.

The claim the left makes that abortion is a constitutional right is laughable and a flat out lie. Nowhere in the Constitution of the United States does it give a woman a right to terminate a pregnancy. Moreover, the Constitution endorses life. The bottom line is that this decision does not take away a right enshrined by the US Supreme Court 50 years ago. It was never a right in the first place.

Tom Folden is a political strategist, conservative thinker, and Editor of CommonSenseDictates.com, a website for common sense viewpoints. A human rights activist, he is a firm believer in the Constitution and the rule of law. He is also a singer/songwriter and recording artist. For interviews and/or appearances, please contact him at spencergroup@hotmail.com.

While I Was Busy Part 1

April 29, 2022

It’s been a while since my last post. I commonly write down my ideas and sometimes put them into article form, however one batch of article ideas remained incomplete and unpublished. With how busy I am with life and other things, a lot of content becomes non-current. So I decided to cover some of the topics I started articles with and create an article with those. This allows me to air what I didn’t share back when it was current.

Recently I heard about another conviction of a law enforcement officer for doing his/her job. I can’t remember all the details but I started writing the following when a different law enforcement officer was convicted.

There needs to be a law which protects law enforcement officers from being unfairly indicted for being involved in any given criminal interaction. They should have the protection they deserve when they’re involved in shootings, especially when suspects they shoot have failed to comply with their orders. Also, they need to be protected when a suspect dies in custody after trying to restrain the suspect who is resisting arrest. It should not be left up to a jury hell-bent on unjustly punishing law enforcement officers when they are simply doing their jobs and keeping the public safe. Any officer involved in a shooting death or other death of a suspect should have the courtesy of having the case reviewed by a special board proficient in law enforcement cases. Their fate should not be in the hands of biased and/or racist prosecutors and a confused and unknowledgeable public.

Here is something I wrote on the day California Governor Gavin Newsom should have been recalled. I’m sure there was fraud involved with this election as there was with the 2020 presidential election.

Brace Yourself

Today is the day Californians vote whether to recall a hypocritical and tyrannical governor whose actions speak louder than his words or to usher in a breath of fresh air and release the economical chokehold California has been suffering. Actually Californians have been voting for three weeks already since it is a state that allows early cheating, er, voting. How else does it become a one-party rule state without the system being rigged?

California truly is a microcosm of America right now but today is an opportunity to change that. Governor Gavin Newsom has brought his twisted and radical left wing ideology into the landscape and most Californians frankly are sick of it. Others are just oblivious to it.

They are sick and tired of him ignoring science and implementing mask wearing mandates. They are fed up with closures to our economy, largely affecting small business owners and workers. They are furious at the double standard he exhibits when he eats dinner and socializes unmasked at a posh Bay Area restaurant. It’s time for him to be removed.

Here’s one regarding a question Regime Spokesperson Joe Biden asked several months ago:

To Answer Your Question

In a recent speech 2020 candidate Joe Biden delivered inflammatory rhetoric by asking the question: Are you on the side of John Lewis or Bull Connor?

Well, when it was an issue Democrats were on the side of Bull Connor. It was a Democrat, after all, who started the Ku Klux Klan, a racist group. Republicans fought fiercely against them. Democratic Party icon the late Senator Robert Byrd was a Grand Kleagle in the KKK. Biden was a good friend and spoke highly of him.

I guess that answers the question.

 Finally, here’s one I wrote about the Joe Rogan vs. Spotify controversy:

The Opinion of the Elite

By now you’ve probably heard about the controversy surrounding Joe Rogan. He has a hugely popular podcast on Spotify that attracts millions of subscribers. Apparently on his podcast he talked about his bout with COVID-19 and he rightfully questioned some of the “science” being discussed in the media. It’s his right to do so and no supposed “fact-checking” agency has any right to say otherwise. But media elitists and virtue signalers got uptight and made it an issue. And when they make it an issue they go on the attack. Apparently non-relevant musical artist India.Arie posted a compilation of video and/or audio clips of Rogan using the N-word and that’s when things got intense.

You see, Rogan has the platform that allows him to question policy and science that the elite promotes. And he has just as much right to do or say what he feels on his own podcast as those who attack him do. But the elite are threatened. It really should be fair for him to do that. If enough people hear him and begin to do their own questioning, it could be bad for the elite.

It doesn’t matter if they’re right or wrong. It’s about power, power over our lives, our ability to think for ourselves, our right to ask questions and have opinions. That is power in the wrong hands and that is dangerous and scary.

Joe Rogan is still dangerous for the elite because they know that he can out them. They know that he can just explain to his audience that it’s not about a few bad words he said several years ago that offend some people. After all, he’s a comedian who works the stand-up circuit. His job is to say bad and offensive words for laughs. No, it is about the elite wanting to control us. Their opinion is that we shouldn’t be allowed to have an opinion that counters theirs, let alone is heard by around 9 million people.

The elite that wants to control us will stop at nothing to achieve disaster in the lives of their opponents. They don’t want people to think about things because when they do they realize they’re being swindled ideologically. They don’t care about the science if the science doesn’t work for them. When tech companies are able to silence people like Joe Rogan, well they can silence just about anyone they don’t like and that kind of power has no place in the land of the free.

Stay tuned for the second installment of this article.

Tom Folden is a political strategist, conservative thinker, and Editor of CommonSenseDictates.com, a website for common sense viewpoints. A human rights activist, he is a firm believer in the Constitution and the rule of law. He is also a singer/songwriter and recording artist. For interviews and/or appearances, please contact him at spencergroup@hotmail.com.

January 6 – Ashli Babbitt Day

January 5, 2022

In memory of Air Force veteran and American patriot Ashli Babbitt, who was killed by U.S. Capitol Police officer Lt. Michael Byrd during the peaceful protest that got out of hand, January 6 should now be called Ashli Babbitt Day.

Babbitt, who unfortunately ended up inside the capitol building in Washington D.C., was the only person killed in what Democrats, the media and far left radicals call an insurrection. Although several other people who attended the rally have died since January 6, 2021, they did not die due to what occurred that day at the capitol. The media may report it as such but it simply is not true.

But this is to be expected of the biased media, who are complicit with Democrats and who will take any opportunity that is presented to them to do political and personal harm to any of their opponents and especially President Donald Trump. It isn’t surprising then that when President Trump offered to provide thousands of National Guard troops as security, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) declined. Perhaps she knew the disaster it would cause and the opportunity to make him look bad.

So as the left makes criminals like George Floyd, Daunte Wright, Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin and others their hero’s, it’s time we honor a real patriot and a real hero and declare January 6 as Ashli Babbitt Day.

Tom Folden is a political strategist, conservative thinker, and Editor of CommonSenseDictates.com, a website for common sense viewpoints. A human rights activist, he is a firm believer in the Constitution and the rule of law. He is also a singer/songwriter and recording artist. For interviews and/or appearances, please contact him at spencergroup@hotmail.com.

2021 Wrapped Up in One Article

January 1, 2022

Well, 2021 began as a disaster. While Democrats, the mainstream media, tech giants and radical leftist groups were fervently trying to hijack the 2020 election that President Donald Trump was clearly winning, Trump decided to have one last rally on January 6 to end his first term as POTUS. The peaceful rally ended up in front of the Capitol building with a few agitators getting out of hand. With what was so obviously a Democratic coup to steal the election, some rally-goers made their way into the Capitol building with little resistance to voice their concerns about how devious the election was being handled.

Democrats, with the aid and abetting of the mainstream media, quickly called it an insurrection. Have you ever heard of an insurrection where no weapons are used? This is a tactic long utilized by the media to form opinions in the minds of the uninformed. It happened in the Michael Brown case of 2014 and many others since. Let’s be clear, this was not an insurrection. It was two things: a peaceful rally that got out of hand, and an opportunity for radicalized front groups, and possibly the Fed, to railroad Trump supporters into doing something President Trump had absolutely nothing to do with and bears absolutely no responsibility for.

After the dust had settled, most of the media and Democrats withheld the truth from the public. Short of a year later, the truth is starting to get out. While some things were known, they simply were not widely reported, and what was narrowly reported by the few reputable news outlets and independent journalists were stymied by the bigger press. Things like a Capitol Police officer holding a door open for unassuming rally-goers to enter, or Ray Epps, a man suspected of being either a federal agent or someone disguising himself as a Trump supporter, loudly egging on rally-goers to enter the Capitol building. There is video footage of these events, but have you seen any on mainstream news outlets like CNN or MSNBC? Probably not. This is what we call irresponsible journalism.

The story goes on to include a “January 6 commission” created to investigate the melee that occurred that day. The problem with such a commission is that the powers-that-be, namely House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, kept Congressmen Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Jim Banks (R-IN) from being on that committee. Instead Congresswoman and never-Trumper Liz Cheney (R*-WY) and Congressman Adam Kinsinger (R*-IL) were included on the committee. There are seven Democrats on the committee which makes it unbalanced and unfair with a 7-2 Democrats to Republicans ratio. Why is it unfair, you might ask. Well the House is 221-213 Democrats to Republicans. Does that still sound fair?

On January 20 Joe Biden entered (was installed into) the White House. Now, to be sure, there remains unfinished business as to whether Biden actually won the election. He didn’t but the mainstream media and a biased congress declared it so. So for the past year he (his handlers, that is) have been allowed to run and ruin the country. In that time we have seen an increase in COVID19 deaths (more than when Trump was in office) when he said he would essentially solve the problem. We have seen thousands of Americans’ jobs lost due to his cutting off the Keystone Pipeline resulting in a massive hike in gas prices. We have seen huge spending bills passed and turned into law. We have seen a supply chain shortage with the inability for ships to get cargo to their destinations in a timely fashion. We have seen disaster on our southern border with illegal immigration running rampant and proponents of illegal immigration willfully disregarding the rule of law. We have seen massive inflation affecting just about every market segment in the country. We have seen a discombobulated administration* scramble to make excuses for all the problems it’s caused and in the end straight out lie about it saying that everything is fine and going well.

This, of course is not even the half of it. We have also seen law enforcement attacked and not supported by this administration*. Recently Minneapolis Police Officer Kim Potter was convicted of manslaughter when she accidently shot a criminal with her firearm instead of her taser. The 20-year old criminal Daunte Wright was attempting to evade in a vehicle while another officer was reaching in the car trying to disable it. The jury sided with the criminal instead of law enforcement. Another Minneapolis police officer Derrick Chauvin also was convicted earlier this year for the death of criminal George Floyd. Although he was detaining the criminal by pressing his knee/shin on his neck, it didn’t cause Floyd’s death and doesn’t rise to the level of murder, which a biased prosecution claimed. Floyd was intoxicated with several drugs in his body including Fentanyl, methamphetamine and more as the autopsy report showed. Police bodycam footage of the incident shows Floyd resisting while officers pleaded with him to comply. Moral of both of these stories: Compliance Saves Lives.

There’s more. There has been an effort from the left, Black Lives Matter, liberal academia and other radicals to push Critical Race Theory, transgenderism and mask mandates on impressionable children in the government school system (public schools). When parents caught wind of this they rightfully blew a fuse. This resulted in them packing school board meetings and fervently addressing their concerns about this racist agenda that is being covertly foisted upon their children. One of the parents who attended a meeting was the father of a young girl who had been raped by a “transgendered” boy at her school. Instead of prosecuting the deviant boy, he was transferred to another school where he committed the same crime with another girl. The father was reasonably upset, so upset that security intervened. Presumably feeling threatened, the National School Board Association drafted a letter to the U.S. Attorney General* Merrick Garland, who then drafted his own memo alluding to the National Security Division becoming involved, which found himself in front of a House committee squirming from the questions asked by Representatives Jim Jordan, Tim Cotton and others.

It’s been an interesting and disastrous year and 2022 promises to get even more interesting as the midterm elections draw closer. Democrats know they’ve done so many things wrong but their response seems to be to double down. It remains to be seen how they’ll strategize politically. Either way, at this point it doesn’t look good for them.

Tom Folden is a political strategist, conservative thinker, and Editor of CommonSenseDictates.com, a website for common sense viewpoints. A human rights activist, he is a firm believer in the Constitution and the rule of law. He is also a singer/songwriter and recording artist. For interviews and/or appearances, please contact him at spencergroup@hotmail.com.

Do Republicans Really Have a Messaging Problem?

January 20, 2021

Today was the day Joe Biden was sworn into office as a faux president of the United States. Of course all sane and rational thinking people who have been paying attention the last two months know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this election was stolen and a coup d’etat was executed on Americans. The deep state got even deeper as the Supreme Court of the United States jumped in and assisted the swamp.

There are many fronts that affected the perceived 2020 election result including Democrats unconstitutionally changing the election laws in certain states to favor their party; the use of voting machines programmed to manipulate the vote count; Democrat personnel working the voting centers manipulating the vote tallies; US courts unwilling to consider evidence of obvious fraud; and powerful biased companies that set the tables to suppress information voters should have been able to access.

An election can be manipulated by companies and conglomerates that are in the business of information collection by altering the algorithms that drive, or seek to drive, web traffic. By having some amount of, or even total, control over what millions of undecided voters view online is a massive advantage to the party they’re biased toward, in this case the Democrat party.

For example, Google has been exposed for having a bias and manipulating data in the 2016 election. Google is a large company with multiple divisions, from search engine and information dissemination to Google Earth to Google Docs, it goes on and on. Google definitely enhances people’s online experiences. But what many people also use it for is to manage their social media pages for their businesses and organizations.

Social media is obviously huge for companies and Google is so widely used it’s hard to avoid using their services. Almost everyone uses Google in one form or another. But when a conservative person wants to take advantage of Google business, as anyone would because it’s a useful tool for small businesses, what impact does this have on conservatives, since Google is so biased?

The fact that search results favor the left and disadvantage the right makes it ethically and morally unfair.

This is exactly what we saw in the 2020 election with Twitter and Facebook. Both companies deliberately suppressed stories that favored President Trump and hurt Joe Biden. When the New York Post tweeted a story exposing Hunter Biden’s crimes and misdeeds, the social media giant Twitter was quick to take it down and censor free speech. Facebook and Twitter attach labels to posts they disagree with which state something to the effect of “our fact checkers found this post (or article) to be in dispute or contain disinformation.”

After the election a study by the Media Research Center found that around 17% of those who had not heard about the Hunter Biden story said they would not have voted for Joe Biden had they known.

This presents another problem. Aside from Twitter and Facebook censoring major stories, why are so many people disengaged from politics and reality? There could be multiple reasons.

One might be that many people are just lazy and can’t be bothered by it. Many simply just don’t think for themselves but rather allow others and the media to decide for them. Or it could be that Republicans have a messaging problem.

However, it could also be that Republicans are unable to get their message out because social media has hijacked the messaging vehicles by suppressing stories. Then again, many people are legitimately frightened of the repercussions they’ll experience if they show any support for anyone on the right.

Does the right really have a messaging problem or is the left so organized and invested in keeping people from hearing and reading the truth, truth which could swing the vote a certain way? I believe it’s a little of the former and a lot of the latter.

Tom Folden is a political strategist, conservative thinker, and Editor of CommonSenseDictates.com, a website for common sense viewpoints. A human rights activist, he is a firm believer in the Constitution and the rule of law. He is also a singer/songwriter and recording artist. For interviews and/or appearances, please contact him at spencergroup@hotmail.com.

Statement Regarding Capitol Building Mayhem

January 12, 2021

Last Wednesday, January 6, 2021, a half million supporters of President Trump gathered in Washington D.C. at a rally and peaceful protest to voice their disdain for the outrageous and obviously fraudulent and rigged election. During the rally a faction of protesters separated themselves from the majority of peaceful rally-goers and were able to breach security, working their way inside the Capitol building. While many of them were probably supporters of Trump, some may not have been, yet the storming of our nation’s Capitol should not have occurred.

However, let’s be clear, 99% of those attending the rally did not enter the Capitol building. A fraction of a percent of justifiably pissed off Trump supporters let their frustrations get the best of them.

Although it wasn’t right for a fringe group to storm the Capitol, the frustration had built up to a point where the disenfranchised voters of this country had had enough. What can anyone expect when for two months post-election Democrats and leftist media pundits ignored the blatant fraud that undeniably occurred while judges, justices and courts refused to consider and allow Trump’s legal team to even present its case.

To that end, it is my belief that pro-fascists in the misnamed organization known as “antifa” were there disguised as Trump supporters to deceive and cause havoc. That is in their Marxist playbook. Real Trump supporters don’t stoop to the standards of Black Lives Matter (BLM) and “antifa” and storm anything. A few broken windows and some other slight damage doesn’t compare to the billions of dollars in damage and death that BLM, “antifa” and other pro-fascist groups caused last summer all over the country, which Senator Kamala Harris publicly supported.

Joe Biden, politicians, fake journalists and other pundits should spare me and the rest of the country the condemnation with their ridiculous lectures and accusations of President Trump having incited this. He didn’t incite anything, he called for peace, and he did it quickly.

The unjustifiable hatred for our President and vitriol for those who want justice in this country is dangerous, irrational and needs to stop. Let it be known, it is the leftist media, which is most of the media today, including Chris Cuomo, Don Lemon, Joe Scarborough, Brian Stelter, Van Jones, Joy Reid, Chuck Todd and others that are inciting and dividing, not supporters of President Trump. The media and leftist, hateful politicians like Pelosi, Waters, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler and others caused this and should be ashamed.

It is now time for those who are responsible for this mayhem to take responsibility and be accountable. It starts at the top. Right now I’m calling for Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to step down from their positions in office, resign from politics altogether and allow others who are more competent and not derisive with their language to fill their seats. Although in the Democrat party it’ll be hard to find such a leader.

Tom Folden is a political strategist, conservative thinker, and Editor of CommonSenseDictates.com, a website for common sense viewpoints. A human rights activist, he is a firm believer in the Constitution and the rule of law. He is also a singer/songwriter and recording artist. For interviews and/or appearances, please contact him at spencergroup@hotmail.com.

How to Steal an Election

We live in an age of technology, which can be a good thing but can also be a very bad thing. When it comes to elections it’s a very bad thing, especially in the hands of very bad, biased people. We are witnessing this scenario right now. The 2020 election is being stolen from the American people with the help of some very bad actors.

Big Tech, which includes social media, is a huge player in driving election information. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter can easily suppress pertinent stories, making sure users aren’t given necessary information that could help in deciding whom they vote for. Twitter was caught suppressing negative stories about Hunter Biden, and Facebook also takes an authoritarian position on whether a story is posted on their site. Unfortunately, many people rely solely on these social media sites for their news.

While Twitter and Facebook along with many other social media sites are blatantly leftist, and when they undoubtedly limit information on their sites that affect elections as we saw this time around, why are they given no more than a slap on the wrist when they are caught? They need to be harshly penalized to the amount of half of their net worth. Additionally, the key people who made the decisions to suppress information should serve prison time, minimum five year sentences. Then, and only then, will this suppression cease.

Big Media is also a huge problem on this front. So called news outlets like CNN, the New York Times, Washington Post, ABC, NBC, CBS and others are willfully complicit in disseminating disinformation. A study conducted by analysts at the Media Research Center showed that over 90 percent of the coverage of President Trump during his first term was negative and 92 percent negative during the three months leading up to the election.

Fortunately there are enough people who have rejected Big Media since they have seen the blatant bias in the reporting and have developed a deep distrust for them. These are the people who voted for Trump in the 2020 election but are now being disenfranchised by the coup that is presently playing out. If the attempt to steal the election by Big Tech and Big Media isn’t bad enough, now there is Big Justice willing to help out. Legitimate challenges by the President’s legal team have been tossed out left and right by federal courts and even the United States Supreme Court with no reasonable explanation for their case dismissals.

In addition to the bad actors perpetrating election fraud, others include partisan election workers, local and state government officials, and polling companies that deliberately skew the results of their own polls.

When you can get enough corrupt people in both parties in on the scam, when you can get Big Media to ignore the evidence, even when it’s presented right in front of their faces, and when you can get the highest court in the land to dismiss key cases that would turn the election upside down, well then you can steal an election.

Tom Folden is a political strategist, conservative thinker, and Editor of CommonSenseDictates.com, a website for common sense viewpoints. A human rights activist, he is a firm believer in the Constitution and the rule of law. He is also a singer/songwriter and recording artist. For interviews and/or appearances, please contact him at spencergroup@hotmail.com.

The Teacher and the Schoolyard Bullies

Once upon a time, not really, but just to make my point through use of an analogy, there was a student in grade school named Billy. One day Billy was on the playground playing when he happened to come across another student named Joey. For reasons unknown to anyone, Joey socked Billy in the eye and gave him a shiner. Billy was noticeably shaken and immediately went to his teacher Ms. Smith. He explained to her that he was out on the playground and Joey punched him in the eye. But instead of calling Joey over to punish him, she did nothing.

Although Billy was visibly hurt, he was no pushover. He went over to all the kids that were on the playground who saw the incident happen and asked them to vouch for him, imploring Ms. Smith to take action. There were plenty of other kids willing to step forward and act as witnesses on Billy’s behalf. Some weren’t even his friends but they knew a wrong had been committed and had to do something.

Ms. Smith heard them all out but a funny thing happened, she dismissed their statements. She couldn’t be bothered to do the right thing even with all the evidence and eyewitness testimony from the kids who courageously took a stand. Billy didn’t give up, however. He pursued the matter and went to the principal who also snubbed him, telling him his injuries don’t warrant punishing Joey for what he did to him.

Meanwhile, on the playground, another boy named Jimmy was playing with a soccer ball when a group of boys came by and stole the ball from him. Jimmy went to his teacher, Mr. Jones, and told him the story, asking him to please retrieve his soccer ball from the group of kids that stole it from him. Mr. Jones, however, half-listened to him and commented that it was not that big of a deal.

Both Billy’s and Jimmy’s complaints had fallen on deaf ears. No one in an authoritative position was willing to help. They knew if they wanted anything to happen they must take their issues all the way to the school board, where a final decision would be made.

Time was running out, however, because the school year was ending. Teachers and principals had vacations planned as well as a new school year to prepare for. If something didn’t happen soon the cases would be lost forever.

By now you’ve probably figured out the analogy. Democrats are trying to steal the election from President Donald Trump while federal courts and state legislatures refuse to take it seriously.

In another analogy, this appears to be like a football game during the final two minutes of the fourth quarter. Democrats got away with cheating on a few plays. Now they’re in the lead, have possession of the ball and are doing their best to run out the clock. Even the referees, who are supposed to enforce the rules, are doing their best to bring the game to an end.

There is still time, though, and President Trump should not concede because he knows that he has evidence of voter fraud that can turn this election around. If this can get to the US Supreme Court, the truth can finally be heard and Democrat voter fraud can finally be exposed.

Tom Folden is a political strategist, conservative thinker, and Editor of CommonSenseDictates.com, a website for common sense viewpoints. A human rights activist, he is a firm believer in the Constitution and the rule of law. He is also a singer/songwriter and recording artist. For interviews and/or appearances, please contact him at spencergroup@hotmail.com.

Things Not To Be Thankful For

Amid the tumultuous political climate the United States finds itself in, due largely to Democrats trying to steal the election and subsequently imposing their unconstitutional agenda on the rest of us, there are many things to be thankful for, to be sure, namely family, faith and our great nation which allows us freedoms and liberties, well for now anyway. However, there are plenty of things not to be thankful for. Below are just some of them.

The US Supreme Court, well, mostly just Chief Justice John Roberts and the liberal justices who seem to feel that their duty on the highest court in the land is to write law instead of interpret it and properly rule on issues that affect American citizens. For example, in 2012, after the passing of the disastrous and improperly named “Affordable Care Act,” also known as Obamacare, Republican lawmakers took it to the Supreme Court to challenge the constitutionality of the individual mandate falling under the Commerce Clause. The liberal justices and fake conservative Chief Justice Roberts, determined Obamacare to be constitutional due to the individual mandate being a tax, not a penalty. This should have negated the whole thing since the argument of the case was that the individual mandate was a penalty. Since it was ruled that it was a tax, it should have been dismissed.

Tyrannical governors. Certain governors abuse their responsibility as state leaders by dictating how the citizens of their respective states will act. From mandating wearing masks to setting curfews to shutting down schools to any number of things they want, these governors overstep the boundaries of morality and civil rights. In California, Governor Gavin Newsom has enacted not guidelines but rules for celebrating Thanksgiving. These include having no more than six guests who must social distance and wear masks at all times. He did make a provision, however, in that people are allowed to pull their masks down to take bites of food, but promptly cover their mouths while chewing. Governor Andrew Cuomo has also set strict rules for celebrating the holiday season, but thankfully the US Supreme Court ruled against his stupid mandates.

Election Fraud. This election season has been a disaster for many reasons. Just when we all thought President Trump was on his way toward being re-elected, Democrat fraudsters pulled a fast one. Attempts at election fraud were blatantly obvious in Democratic-controlled districts in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin and others. Moreover, vote-counting stopped in several states on election eve but the next morning Biden somehow was ahead in votes, which is what needed to happen in order to manufacture votes for the former vice-president. Also, mail-in voting proved to be fraudulent, as anyone, whether a legal citizen or not, could simply mail in a ballot without a way it could be verified. It just gets accepted. Democrats even went to court months in advance to change the rules of the election process in order to make it easier for Democrats to cheat and steal the election. The integrity of the election has been undermined.

The dishonest and biased media. It’s no secret the media is on the side of Democrats. They are the publicity firm of the DNC. They’ve mastered the technique of getting away with lying, indoctrinating and omitting facts and stories. It’s utterly disgraceful that the institution of journalism, which was once somewhat transparent, is ominously shady. Most media outlets including CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, the AP, the New York Times, the Washington Post and others are in the tank for whatever Democrat is running against a Republican. Even Fox News now has its assortment of news anchors and correspondents that lean left, although most of its commentators like Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham are solidly on the right. What the mainstream media do is tell a story that is so devoid of reality, omitting facts and keeping people from the truth. And they hide under a shroud of journalistic privilege. It’s malfeasance and high time to change the laws protecting these media crooks.

Certain Social Media Platforms. Like the mainstream media, certain social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter use their platforms to keep their users from learning the truth. With social media, however, it’s more devious. They’ve used algorithms to silence the right and allow leftist messages to prevail. It’s common to see a post on Twitter by a right-leaning source with a tag that says something like “This post is in dispute due to its non-factual content.” What gives them the right to deem the content non-factual? Interesting that I never see anything from a left-leaning source with the same tag. Twitter brazenly banned the Hunter Biden laptop story and had to admit and apologize for it, post-election. A study came out recently that showed a significant percentage of Biden voters would not have voted for him had they known about that. This is the threat to our democracy social media poses. It’s also time that these biased social media platforms are punished.

Well, time to reflect on the good things in life. Happy Thanksgiving.

Tom Folden is a political strategist, conservative thinker, and Editor of CommonSenseDictates.com, a website for common sense viewpoints. A human rights activist, he is a firm believer in the Constitution and the rule of law. He is also a singer/songwriter and recording artist. For interviews and/or appearances, please contact him at spencergroup@hotmail.com.

Joe Biden is Not a President-Elect, He’s a Candidate-in-Question

It has become increasingly nauseating listening to pseudo-reporters address former vice-president and candidate Joe Biden as “President-elect.” He is not President-elect. He is candidate-in-question.

This election has not been certified, making Biden the President of the United States. The Electoral College does not even meet until mid-December so in absolutely no way is it official. Although President Donald Trump has not been officially re-elected, it doesn’t mean another candidate has. It is both insulting and offensive that fake journalists go out of their way to call Biden and Kamala Harris president-elect and vice-president-elect, respectively, although it makes media people feel good to do so.

It is also massively disrespectful that after the media declared him the winner, Biden’s campaign team produced a pretend victory ceremony, as he and Harris gave pretend victory speeches. They then set up the faux “Office of the President-elect” and started setting up a transition team.

All this is happening in the midst of ongoing legal challenges the Trump legal team has made due to major irregularities that occurred on election night and after. On the evening of the election President Trump was winning the count in major swing states like North Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan, but the next morning, lo and behold, Trump’s leads in most of these states mysteriously disappeared.

At a press conference conducted on Thursday, November 19, the Trump legal team led by Rudy Giuliani and including Sidney Powell and Jenna Ellis, laid out the basis for their challenges and discussed astonishing illegalities regarding the voting machines and software used that will prove Trump won. Although they did not present the totality of the evidence, because that is not what legal teams do prior to going to court, they did assure a dismissive media that cheating and fraud occurred and it was done with the intention of making Trump lose the election.

But the response to this explosive news conference was pitiful. Kristin Fisher of Fox News falsely reported that it was a “colorful news conference” that was “light on facts” and that “so much of what he (Giuliani) said was simply not true or has already been thrown out in court.” She sounded more like a reporter auditioning for a correspondent position at CNN, ABC, NBC or CBS, but certainly not one who is “fair and balanced.” She’s just another reason people are leaving Fox and switching to NewsmaxTV.

While the media mostly ignored the facts, they did eagerly cover the Biden/Harris “news conference” where Biden naturally struggled to coherently answer softball questions. The take away from this meeting is that the Biden team is frustrated that the White House is not cooperating with a Biden “transition team” and is not sharing information about President Trump’s successful COVID19 task force Operation Warp Speed. Lost on the Biden campaign is the fact that they are not entitled to any information since he clearly is not the president-elect but merely the candidate-in-question.

Tom Folden is a political strategist, conservative thinker, and Editor of CommonSenseDictates.com, a website for common sense viewpoints. A human rights activist, he is a firm believer in the Constitution and the rule of law. He is also a singer/songwriter and recording artist. For interviews and/or appearances, please contact him at spencergroup@hotmail.com.