Enforcement, Not Reform

For years there has been discussion of Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) and how to go about making it a reality. The issue has long been a hot button for both parties and continues to be to this day. Those who want CIR, mostly Democrats, left-leaning ideologues and illegal aliens, but also some naive Republicans and corporate executives, seek to find ways to essentially circumvent existing immigration laws and the Constitution of the United States.

Pro illegal immigration advocates have tried to advance the argument that illegal aliens are only coming here to work and provide a better life for their families. While that may be true to some extent, it is a naive argument. Many don’t come here to work, but to steal and commit crimes. To be certain, many do not come here to espouse the culture, lifestyle and values Americans have held for over 200 years.

Now it has gotten to the point where our elected leaders have given up on upholding the law and want to wave a magic wand to make the problem disappear. How foolish that is; the problem only worsens with that kind of approach.

Democrats know that if a CIR bill is passed into law, their party stands to benefit from 11-20 million new Democrat voters. Of course the longtime estimate of 11-20 million seems to fluctuate on a yearly basis. But it’s not that they’re so concerned about the welfare of illegal aliens, it’s more about what they stand to gain from it – more power.

Republicans, on the other hand, ignorantly think passing such a bill will put them in the good graces of those constituents who favor CIR, thereby earning their respect and ultimately their votes. Not so. This is a poorly thought out and losing proposition.

What happened to enforcing the law? Study after study shows that a majority of Americans (the operative word being Americans) support enforcing existing immigration law, not reforming it. Contrary to what Senators John McCain (R-AZ). Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Marco Rubio (R-FL) feel about the broken immigration system, creating a “path” toward citizenship amounts to amnesty. Plain and simple, amnesty is un-American and subverts the rule of law. It didn’t work when President Ronald Reagan implemented it, and it won’t work if the above senators have their way and pass their version of CIR.

If there is to be any immigration law passed, it should include the following:

1. Absolutely, NO AMNESTY. No questions asked. All illegal aliens (not immigrants, but aliens) to leave or face deportation, with or without their families, no matter how long they’ve been here. A six-month period which allows them to get their affairs in order. After that, they need to know that the law will allow for immediate incarceration, their finances seized to recoup the costs incurred and eventual deportation with absolutely no chance of ever returning legally. Additionally, the country from which they came should be billed for the costs they’ve driven up on the American taxpayers.

2. A 30-50 foot wall to be constructed immediately, lined with steel and sharp protrusions lying atop. No illegal aliens will be allowed to help construct it. American labor only. It wouldn’t take several years to complete. Completion should be one year from the bill’s passing.

3. A task force to be organized and raids to be executed in targeted and specific areas that are commonly known as havens (sanctuary cities) for illegal aliens, after reasonable suspicion and cause has been established. Cooperation from the appropriate authorities will be required. The lack of cooperation on the part of said authorities should result in harsh penalties.

4. Physical deterrents placed on U.S. territory on either side of the wall with highly visible warnings.

5. Illegal aliens found to be criminals here in the United States to be deported immediately with no chance to return ever.

6. A moratorium on legal immigration to be in effect until further notice, since the U.S., certainly various metropolitan parts of the U.S., is overpopulated and lacks labor opportunities for Americans.

7. Anyone wishing to enter after the moratorium has been lifted to undergo a thorough background check. Applications for U.S. citizenship to be processed in the order they are received. No attorney or agency privileges given to expedite citizenship. Heavy fees imposed on those applying for citizenship who had previously entered U.S. illegally, if they are able to qualify.

8. The United States to only allow qualified and competent persons into the country, those who are able to read, write and understand the English language. Only those willing to assimilate and contribute to American society, culture and values considered for entry.

9. Any company or corporation that employs illegal labor to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and heavily fined. It is imperative that these penalties are harsh in order to deter the illegal activity.

10. English to be the official language in the country. No local, county, state, or federal government forms to be written in any other language than English. That includes voter registration forms, ballots, and any public documents and notices. No interpreters provided with state or federal money.

11. No taxpayer funded social services or benefits of any kind to be given to illegal aliens. Harsh penalties for those agencies that do not comply. Mandatory audits to ensure this does not happen.

12. E-verify mandated in all states. Harsh penalties for companies and corporations that do not comply.

I realize these conditions, or suggestions if you like, seem a bit harsh to some. However, it would be of great benefit to research other countries’ immigration laws. For instance, Mexico has some of the most stringent immigration laws. Most illegal aliens are from Mexico and cross the southern border. However, it is evident that many illegals are from Central and South America, Asia, Canada, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and elsewhere. Supporting a strict immigration system is not borne out of a hatred of any nationality, race, religion or skin color. It is of a desire to abide by America’s rule of law.

The cost of illegal immigration amounts to hundreds of billions of dollars annually. It is unfair to law abiding, tax paying Americans to be forced to bear these costs and foot the bill for those who are willfully invading and stealing from Americans. Until those who wish to ignore this massive problem get their heads out of the proverbial sand and wake up to the devastating realities illegal immigration causes and continues to do to America, then and only then will this country begin to prosper. Let’s hope it’s soon.