An Axis of Bias (Against the Right)

An axis of bias exists in American culture which includes the mainstream media, academia and the Hollywood elite. The bias is in the favor of the left and it’s glaringly obvious, so much so that no one really questions it anymore.

The first part of the axis, the mainstream media (MSM), has become an arm of the Democratic Party, as was evidenced during the 2016 presidential campaign. When it comes to “reporting” the news they let their bias guide their judgement. Masquerading as champions for justice they twist truth, create controversy and fabricate facts. Until recently they’ve gotten away with it but more and more people are catching on to their dishonesty. In fact, news media giants like ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, the New York Times and others have become synonymous with the term “fake news.”

Once a mid-show segment on Saturday Night Live, the term fake news is now a descriptor for the gross negligence of MSM outlets that routinely side with the left and massage their stories in order to cast a negative light on the right. Thankfully we now have a president not afraid to call them out on it.

The second part of the axis is academia. The left have been so successful at indoctrinating America’s youth that one wonders if the US Constitution is even taught on college campuses anymore. Radical professors with extreme leftist views seem intent on encouraging their students to express their First Amendment rights by taking part in anti-Trump rallies and anti-authority demonstrations. In the process, however, they’re attempting to stifle the First Amendment rights of those with whom they disagree.

Conservative speakers such as Ben Shapiro, Ann Coulter, Heather MacDonald and others, invited on university campuses by college Republican clubs and groups, have had their events disrupted by unruly liberals who threaten violence if they don’t get their way. Even when the speakers themselves hire their own security, school administrators cave in to the pressure of leftists and “disinvite” them, citing potential violence as a legitimate reason for their cowardice. If leftists are threatening violence, why not arrest them?

It’s interesting that when someone on the left does something wrong, the person on the right gets punished for it. It’s usually not the case that someone on the right physically harasses someone on the left when the situation is reversed.

It’s also interesting and ironic that the left, who make tolerance and open-mindedness touchstones of their ideology, are the least tolerant and open-minded when it comes to allowing a differing point of view to be heard on a university or college campus, or anywhere for that matter. College campuses should foster an atmosphere where differing opinions could be heard, rationally discussed and debated. No violence need ensue.

Finally, the Hollywood elite, which includes much of the entertainment world, is the third part of the axis of bias against the right. Many actors, entertainers, artists and musicians are liberal to be sure. It makes it easier to work with like-minded colleagues. Sure, there are closet conservatives in Hollywood and the music industry. They feel they have to be in order to continue in their careers. Openly conservative actors and artists usually aren’t invited to join liberals to take part in Do-Good PSAs and Save-the-World festival line-ups. Unfortunately, if they don’t toe the liberal party line they don’t get very far in show biz.

But who cares? Being true to yourself and doing what’s right is better than hob-nobbing with phonies.

Is there a silver lining to all this or a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel? Maybe not now, but don’t give up. The axis of bias toward the right may never be obliterated, but there’s no reason conservatives shouldn’t be able to enjoy the same freedoms as liberals.


Tom Folden is a political strategist, conservative thinker, and Editor of, a website for conservative viewpoints. A human rights activist, he is a firm believer in the Constitution and the rule of law. He is also a singer/songwriter and recording artist. For interviews and/or appearances, please contact him at