Mass Illegal Immigration Creates Humanitarian Crisis

There’s a new card being played in the political arena today. It’s called the humanitarian card and the thousands of illegal aliens crossing over our already porous borders are forcing the federal government to play it. But make no mistake, this is an orchestrated attempt to force America’s hand.

Those responsible for creating this crisis know and are gambling on the Obama administration to have no backbone when it comes to enforcing our immigration laws. Indeed, they have already seen firsthand the ignorance and arrogance displayed by the White House and its Department of Homeland Security when it comes to such matters.

Over the past several months, thousands upon thousands of illegal aliens, most being minors unaccompanied by parents or guardians, have been crossing America’s borders through Texas, Arizona, and elsewhere, putting an enormous burden on the United States Border Patrol and other immigration agencies. Many of these summoned invaders are Central Americans from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. Ironically, they have made their way through Mexico, a country that is known for treating non-natives who trespass into their country with harsh penalties for this particular crime.

As instructed, the foreign trespassers filing into America are telling authorities that they are coming here as refugees, to escape violence and poverty. Cry me the Rio Grande, I’ve heard it all before.

This is a ploy that is being used to get the government to panic and rush to a solution. It is also a tactic that puts the U.S. in a precarious situation. On the one hand, we have tens of thousands of foreigners who have created for the U.S. a problem of insurmountable proportions. If we just turn them away, we look heartless. On the other hand, if we just excuse their criminal actions, we set ourselves up for a huge national disaster on many levels.

There are so many ways this could go wrong if we choose the latter. Many of these foreigners have brought diseases into the United States and the likelihood is very high that they will be spread if they are allowed to integrate into our society. Another problem is that they exacerbate the drain illegal aliens already are on our economy by using the social services that are reserved for American citizens, which taxpayers have paid for. Yet another problem is the drug trafficking and violence brought in. Although the media do not want to admit it, many of these illegal crossers are violent criminals.

Despite the negative effect that illegal immigration stains the country with, it’s the perfect opportunity for Democrats and those on the left, as well as many Republicans, to decry the non-fact that we need to fast-track amnesty, as Obama alluded to recently when speaking on this current issue.

True conservatives see this for what it is and understand that this is only a humanitarian crisis inasmuch as the powers-that-be have created it as such, by not doing what should have been done as soon as the illegal invaders arrived at our doorstep: turning them away, sending them back to their home countries and sending the message that the United States will not tolerate illegal immigration.

The Obama administration will not do this, however. They have not the will, nor the desire to turn away thousands of illegal aliens, not when so many Democrat votes are at stake.