Phony Investigations and a Waste of Taxpayer Money

For nearly two years our taxes have been wasted on a silly investigation that has led nowhere and is not based on any evidence or any crime. The investigation into the possibility that President Donald Trump colluded with Russia is and always has been a hoax. Yet special investigator Robert Mueller and company push on knowing there is no evidence but hoping something, just something, will surface before the 2020 election.

Now that the new Democratic-controlled congress has convened, they’re likely to begin new investigations in an effort to impeach President Trump. They even announced it before the mid-term elections. Maxine Waters shamelessly said she would push for impeaching President Trump, even though there is no impeachable evidence against him. But lack of evidence never stops Democrats. Spite is a motivating factor.

Freshman congresswoman from Michigan Rashida Tlaib also went off the rails before a group of supporters and vowed that “we’re gonna impeach the motherf***er.” Classy.

There is a contingency among some Democrats who would like very much to impeach Trump. Make no mistake, they’ve wanted this since the day he was sworn into office. They’re still bitter that Hillary Clinton didn’t win the 2016 election so they’re throwing temper-tantrums and hoping to find something to justify an investigation.

The real investigation, however, should be centered around Hillary Clinton. There is plenty to investigate her on and plenty of evidence as well. That would be tax money well spent, in my opinion. It’s astonishing that she’s managed to elude investigations in the first place. With 30,000 emails missing, an unresolved Benghazi incident, a dossier purchased by the Clinton campaign, Uranium One scandal in coordination with the Clinton Global Foundation, all of these are real reasons on which to base an investigation.

Instead we have a President being tried in the court of public opinion, a small sample of the public at that, with the assistance and complicity of a so-called mainstream media.

It should anger not just Republicans but all Americans that our taxes are being used for nefarious purposes. Which is a solid reason not to vote Democrats and the anti-Trump coalition back into office in 2020.

Tom Folden is a political strategist, conservative thinker, and Editor of, a website for conservative viewpoints. A human rights activist, he is a firm believer in the Constitution and the rule of law. He is also a singer/songwriter and recording artist. For interviews and/or appearances, please contact him at

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