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Have You No Shame! | Common Sense

Have You No Shame!

(Note: this post also appears in the Democratic Free Press, published by the Democratic Town Committee of Sandwich, MA)

Have you no shame, Mr. Reid? Have you no shame Mr. McConnell? Have we no shame, we the electorate, we the citizens of a country that grandly and sometimes grandiosely proclaims loudly and expansively our pride in “American exceptionalism”? Does “exceptionalism” mean that when our Founding Fathers wrote about our inalienable right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” they meant “except” when one of us loves guns so much we just have to have a military grade weapon loaded with a 100-round magazine?

How does any American politician gather up the where-with-all to stand before broadcast media, to stand before the American electorate and with a straight face proclaim that he/she must strip a ban on private ownership of military-grade armaments out of a bill because its presence would cause a filibuster?

“Why is the ban being dropped? According to Democratic leaders, it has no chance of passing — and if it were included, Democrats wouldn’t even be able to bring it up on the Senate floor for debate. Just bringing a bill up for consideration requires all senators to agree, and if just one objects, then it takes 60 votes to keep the process moving forward.” – NBC News

Photo by Yuri Gripas / Reuters

Photo by Yuri Gripas / Reuters

Really!? There are not 60 out of 100 United States Senators, senators in an “exceptional” nation, who are willing to trade the mere act of purchasing a military weapon because they like them, because they have a supposed “right” to possess one, for the possibility that doing so would prevent 20 more 6-7 year olds from being murdered? Have you no shame?

Well, enjoy your “right.” Enjoy your political “realities” and parliamentary “procedures” and Senate “rules”. Enjoy them now, because the screams of the next child to be riddled by a hail of bullets from a military grade weapon someone purchased because they like them, will echo up and down the halls of heaven for all eternity.

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