Have You No Shame!

(Note: this post also appears in the Democratic Free Press, published by the Democratic Town Committee of Sandwich, MA) Have you no shame, Mr. Reid? Have you no shame Mr. McConnell? Have we no shame, we the electorate, we the citizens of a country that grandly and sometimes grandiosely proclaims loudly and expansively our pride […]

The Problem with the Free Market is that It is Never Free

The concept of a “free market” is often bandied about by Republicans and conservative voters as some sort of magic cure for our economic ills. I’ve had people ask me if I believe that the best way to advance our interests economically is to let the free market work.  My answer is “yes” – ceteris […]

Gov. Romney & the Very Poor: More than a Matter of “Concern”

In his February 2nd NY Times Op-Ed piece (Romney Isn’t Concerned) economist Paul Krugman helps us get beyond Mitt Romney’s now infamous expression of his being unconcerned with the very poor. This is important.  The lack of any information from Romney about his core beliefs on a whole host of matters has left us with […]

The Republican Primary: Time to Bring Back the “Freudian Slip”?

Years ago, it was popular to kid someone who had mis-spoken with, “Well that’s a real Freudian slip!” In common parlance this psycho-analytical reference meant that the speaker’s hidden thoughts or feelings had slipped out, often to humorous and embarassing effect. [She: "would you like bread and butter, or a muffin?" He: "Bed and butter."] […]

Speaker Boehner Ignores GOP Cheers for Government Shutdown To Blame Democrats

Speaker Boehner appears to be incapable of recognizing reality in any way, shape, or form. He keeps feeding the press and the public with claims that the Democrats desire a government shutdown. Yet, it is his own party members in the House who are the only ones in the federal government openly cheering for the […]

For Radical Republicans If Facts Get in the Way Just Ignore Them

Decades ago Detective Joe Friday of Dragnet fame was known for his frequent admonition, “Just the facts, Ma’am.” Friday had no interest in anything but the facts of a case; today’s Republican ideologues believe almost the opposite – just the facts that are convenient for what I want. If the facts dictate a different conclusion […]

McConnell and Boehner Act Out Alice in Wonderland

Reality doesn’t affect Republican radicals like Minority Leader McConnell and Speaker Boehner, never mind the Tea Party ideologues. They all live in their own version of Alice’s Wonderland. When the Congressional Budget Office analyzed the radical Republican proposal to repeal the Affordable Car Act and found it would balloon the deficit Boehner just declared the […]

Will Speaker Boehner Condemn Senator DeMint?

This is classic. We should expect that any minute now Speaker Boehner will be holding forth in front of a bunch of microphones about the shameful position that conservative Republican Senator Jim DeMint and his colleagues have taken on the constitutionality of bills. As has been widely reported Boehner has roundly condemned the Obama Administration […]

McConnell-Boehner Seek To Drive Car Back Into the Ditch

Sen. McConnell and Speaker Boehner have thrown “job killing” in front of just about everything and anything the President or Democratic leaders put forth. This has been true even for proposals that have nothing to do with jobs. But evidence is mounting rapidly that it is the rigid, unthinking ideologues of the GOP who are […]

Flash: Federal Government Has No Source of Income!

What is more than exasperating in the current “cut spending” discussions by Democrats and Republicans, pundits and their guests, is the almost total lack of any mention of revenue. Apparently, the Federal government does not collect any revenue or have any source of income. Common sense tells us that is not true; yet it is […]

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