The Disconnect Between RINOs and Reality

In this last leg of Barack Hussein Obama’s two terms as president of the United States, the arena of 2016 Republican presidential candidates has predictably begun to form. There’s talk about Jeb Bush “actively exploring” the possibility of a 2016 presidential run. Chris Christie’s name is also in the mix. There’s also talk about Mitt Romney running a third time. Unfortunately, a third time isn’t always a charm in politics, it’s an act of desperation.

It’s also at this time that the establishment GOP (eGOP) talking heads like former President George W. Bush advisor Karl Rove and Home Depot co-founder Ken Langone start to blather about who should and who shouldn’t run, as if it’s any of their say. They seem to feel the righteous need to poo-pooh any idea that a conservative candidate would make a great president.

To the eGOP, it’s a candidate’s electability that matters. I just wish they would have considered a candidate’s electability when they pushed John McCain and Bob Dole on us.

Certainly there are plenty of conservatives who could give any Democratic hopeful a run for his/her money. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, for instance, appeals to many conservatives, but the eGOP hates that because his views don’t conform to what they deem to be the correct views for a Republican. They also hate that he polls well. Their argument is that Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann also polled well at one time (in the 2012 election). In other words everybody has his/her day in the sun.

Another promising possible candidate, and someone the eGOP is not too fond of, is Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. We’ve seen him in action and know he has the gall to stand up to political corruption and cronyism. South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy, who heads up the committee that is investigating the Benghazi scandal, also has stood up to political corruption and cronyism and isn’t afraid to give a corrupt politician or a dishonest government employee a piece of his mind. It’s too bad the eGOP doesn’t understand that statesmen like Paul, Cruz and Gowdy are what America needs.

If conservatives play their cards right, they could end up with a slew of decent candidates to choose from that would match up well with any Democratic candidate. Of course they would have to get past the mainstream media, which always favors a RINO, who then becomes their media darling until the primaries are over.

They also have to win the battle against the eGOP. Unfortunately, eGOP Senators and Representatives aren’t interested in what’s best for the country. They’re more interested in power and staying in office, milking their positions until they’re good and ready to retire, at which time they can become lobbyists, as well as collect healthy pensions and benefits for life, courtesy of the American taxpayers.

Let’s face it, when it comes to RINOS (Republicans in name only) and conservatives, they share the same party but not the same ideas. It’s almost within reason to wonder why conservatives would want to stick around and not form their own party. But mathematics don’t lie. It’s unfortunate that Republicans are in a pickle each election cycle. Should conservatives vote for a RINO candidate, if one wins the primary? And would moderate Republicans commit treason to the party by not voting for a decent conservative Republican if one is on the general ticket? The short answer to both: don’t count on it.

What is so unsettling to conservatives about RINOs is their smugness, their arrogance, their thinking they know better than anyone else, and their condescension to assume they get to select the candidate. And there lies the great disconnect between RINOs and reality.

Conservatives’ message to the eGOP is stay out of it. Take a back seat. You don’t get to be in charge here. We’ve had enough of you. You’ve lost elections that could have been won. Don’t push the candidate you want on us, whether it’s Chris Christie, Mitt Romney or Jeb Bush.

Jeb Bush has no business running for president of the U.S. if he truly wants what’s best for this country. He needs to realize that Americans are sick of the Bush family of politicians, and whether that’s fair or unfair, it’s reality and a bias the media will be all too eager to eat up. Unfortunately, perception matters in this world.

What the nation needs right now is leadership by someone who is not out of touch with the way most Americans think. The Jeb Bush’s and the Mitt Romney’s, I must argue, either are or are perceived as out of touch because they can’t really relate to the ordinary American. Americans want someone who has come from a modest middle class family, for a change, and knows the struggles average Americans face, but knows how to fix them, not with big money, necessarily, but with commonsense solutions.


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